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Dear Jeff and Judi,

Ginger asked that we send this picture to you.

Ginger is very special to us.  We adopted her while living in Chandler, Arizona.  She is very lady-like, and she loves to prance during walks around the neighborhood.  Ginger is also very shy.

We have tried many kennels over the past 5 to 6 years.  One kennel nearby our current home actually discouraged us from bringing Ginger back because she did not “act” like the other dogs.  Of all the kennels we have visited, the Double J Dog Boarding Kennel has been the absolute best.  You and your staff provide a warm and clean place to stay and relax.  You even pay attention to the soothing background music piped throughout the kennel. 


The attention the Double-J staff gives to our Ginger, as well as to us, when we visit speaks volumes for the love and care you provide 24/7.  You even call us while away to let us know Ginger is fine and playing with other “lodgers.”  We have enjoyed the professional services of the Double-J Dog Boarding Kennel for over 2 years now.  We are very grateful to have learned about your incredibly professional service.

With warmest regards,
Ron and Mary

Hi Jeff -

I have two dogs who are very important (and much loved) members of our family. They make me feel pretty guilty when I have to travel, so I needed to find a kennel that treats my dogs with kindness and respect. I found Double J Kennels and they have exceeded my expectations in every way.

Since my dogs are pretty big, I did not want a place that would have kept them in a 6 x 10 foot run the entire time - it was very important that my dogs have a yard for exercise. Double J has multiple runs and my dogs get to keep working on their 'doggy social skills'. When the weather gets bad and at nighttime, they come in to a heated kennel and lay on elevated beds instead of just cold concrete.

I also think it is very important that the owners are on site and that they are dog lovers themselves. I have recommended Double J to friends and family who are looking for a kennel that is safe, friendly and affordable, and will continue to do so. If you can't leave your dogs at home when you travel (mine would trash my house and be very lonely), then Double J is the best place for your beloved pets.

Jamie Holland

We have been taking our two dogs to Double J Kennels since they first opened. As with most people, our dogs are an important part of our family and leaving them is never easy. Before we found Double J, they both hated being kenneled. They would shake, refuse to leave the car and we literally had to drag, two 95 lb dead weight, dogs to the door of the kennel and then fight them from yanking us back out the door. Needless to say, it always left us with a sinking feeling.

Now, we have the opposite problem. The dogs are so excited when we turn onto the drive of Double J, they border on obnoxious in the car. They can hardly wait until we open the car door to let them out. Once the door opens to the kennels, they disappear without any trepidation. I believe the best judge to anything that happens in your absence with your animals, is their reaction the next time they go there. Dogs can’t lie and it is quite evident that our dogs love going to this kennel. The staff has an obvious affection for animals, the kennel is meticulously clean and I trust them, explicitly, with our beloved furry members of our family.

Diana Janning
Monument, CO



Thanks for the opportunity to comment on your Double J Dog Boarding Kennel.

Double J Dog Boarding Kennel offers one of the cleanest, well maintained, and friendly onsite owner environments for our rough collie. Jeff handles Mattie as if she is his own; taking care of her special needs and dog run compatibilities with same temperament dogs makes it easier for her stay. We will not board her anywhere else.

Best regards,
Bill and Phyllis Miller


To Double "J" Kennels;

We have been very pleased with the care and service our dog has received in the the past 3 years we have used your kennel.

He always comes home happy and content. We also use the "Black Gold- Trainers Blend"dog food you recommend and our dog thrives in it.

Dolores and John Novotny


October 8, 2008

Mr. Jeff Havens
Double J Kennels
Colorado Springs, CO.

Dear Jeff,

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for the past two years of superior care you have provided my two dogs at your kennel. I believe you have provided a home away from home for my pets during the frequent trips I've had to take over these many months.

As with many folks, I think of my dogs as my kids, and as such, I am ever concerned for their well being when I must leave them at a location other than their home.

Your facility has provided an excellent environment for my dogs, one of which is a special needs pet who is totally blind and nearly deaf. Your level of care and your ability to keep both dogs in one large kennel as opposed to placing each one in a separate enclosure, has ensured that they are together just as when they are home, and gives them a feeling togetherness many kennels could not provide.

I've found your new state of the art facility spotlessly clean on every visit, both scheduled and unscheduled, which supports my belief that you are genuinely concerned for the care of animals that have been left in your care. As difficult as it is to leave my "Kids" with someone else as I travel, you have kept my mind at ease knowing that they are well cared for and given warm loving attention.

Again, on behalf of my dogs and myself, many thanks for a job well done!

Kurt Miles
11070 Hardy Road
Black Forest, Colorado 80908

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