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Double J Dog Boarding Kennel is a well-designed and built kennel. The interior of the main kennel provides a warm, safe and secure environment for our guests.

  • Ventilation - Overhead fans and power ventilation systems ensure fresh air is circulated through the kennel. This prevents odors from building up, and keeps the kennel area a constant and comfortable temperature
  • Each kennel is manufactured for maximum security. Privacy panels allow pets to feel secure and private. Kennels are large enough to accommodate two guests if requested.

  • Natural light keeps the kennel area bright during the day, without the need for too much artificial lighting. This provides a calm and easy atmosphere for our guests.
  • Each guest is assigned a "locker" when they check in. This locker stores any special foods or medications.
  • Kennels are situated inside the kennel area is such a way that allows for complete and thorough cleaning and disinfect ion.
  • Easy access to outside play yards. No open doors or walkways to the kennel area cuts down on drafts.

  • Floors and drain systems dry quickly after cleaning.

Double J Boarding Kennel



Double J Boarding



Double J Dog Boarding Kennel is conveniently located in a country setting just minutes east of Monument, Colorado. Your pets will love the county-quiet environment!

  • Outdoor play yards are large. Our guests have ample room to play and socialize (when appropriate and weather permitting) with other guests.
  • Yards are designed and laid out to easily move pets from one area to another, and from inside to outside.

  • Outdoor play areas are designed so staff can easily supervise guests.

  • The air is clean - and the environment is country-quiet.

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