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Double J Boarding Kennel is owned and operated by Jeff and Judi Havens. Both Jeff and Judi have lived and worked in the Monument, Colorado area for more than thirty years.

Jeff performs the day-to-day management and operations of the kennel. His extensive knowledge of handling dogs, combined with his caring demeanor makes him well suited to care for the guests left in his charge. Dogs intuitively know and trust Jeff has their best interest at heart.

An avid outdoor sportsman, Jeff's respect for nature and animals is obvious. Opening Double J in 2007 was the culmination of his life-long goal to work full time with dogs.

Jeff has been a dog lover all his life. Along with the kennel, he raises and trains German Shorthaired Pointers. He himself has received training from some of the country's most renowned dog trainers.

Double J Boarding Kennel
New Facility opened in 2006
Double J Boarding


Double J Dog Boarding Kennel is a member of the ABKA and Tri-Lakes Chamber
of Commerce. Read more about our affiliation with ABKA, and the Pet Owners Bill of Rights.

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